New York Reflections

Every now and then it is necessary to redetermine the direction. To question the old and distrust the comfortable. Painter Martin de Jong has been loyal to the city for several years. On the one hand, a place of freedom and detachment for him and on the other hand, a world that has a lot to offer visually. But the approach and implementation have continued to change over the years. From atmospheric roof views of provincial cities to later large, smoothly painted graphic works of places such as Rotterdam, Berlin and London.

2019. Immerse yourself in New York City for a month. It feels like a warm bath for De Jong. Totally anonymous in a landscape without a horizon. Enclosed by rhythms and repetition. Carried away by the hectic and dynamic.

During this period, the first new series was created that was made on the iPad. A digital technique based on painting and drawing. New images with De Jong’s familiar handwriting.

NY Reflections:

On display in ‘Tank’, 1st floor Melklokaal Heerenveen 24.11-22.12.2019

Opening Sunday November 24 at 3 p.m