A month in isolation.

One step back, two forward.

It arises while I draw, search and saw.

f I pay attention, the pieces will fall into place.

It is what it is; a thing.

The remains of what I saw.

The remains I saw.

in Leipzig march 2024

I embrace the limitations of a strange studio. Everything is temporarily different. There are always those moments when my familiar studio with all its rhythms and rituals is not working.

Perhaps it is an escape, to avoid repeating myself or from the question; what now?

But a strange environment especially helps me to break patterns and to marvel at the new and unexpected.

I see possibilities in new materials. The area between recognition and abstraction also continues to challenge me. Is it still interesting when it no longer refers to anything? Or is recognition precisely what detracts from the image?

I take my new finds back to my familiar studio, my den, my own little enclosed world.

Enough ideas, enough to do…